“TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time)” at Magazzino, Rome

TBT, Installation view
Courtesy Magazzino, Ph: Giorgio Benni


Magazzino presents the new group exhibition TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time), a motif that will unfold within the gallery’s spring and summer program. The current show is featuring works by Massimo Bartolini, Guillermo Galindo, David Schutter, Nicola Martini, Matteo Nasini and Namsal Siedlecki.

To Be Titled stems from the idea of a pluri-vocal dialogue among the works by three artists represented by the gallery (Bartolini, Galindo, Schutter) and three other young Italian artists, not represented by Magazzino (Martini, Nasini, Siedlecki). The spontaneity that led to the preparation of this exhibition is already evident from its title, which reveals a typical condition of expectation underlying the act of creation, and expressed in the exhibition’s discourse through a poetic of suspension, shared by many of the works on display.

Starting from the work that most imposes its presence over space, Corrimano by Massimo Bartolini, a delicate drawing/sculpture that delimits, protects, and defines a “beyond” immediately interrupted by the white wall, to the performative works by Guillermo Galindo and Matteo Nasini, works exhibited start a reflection on their own condition, of being “final” and “finished” objects but still open to developments and a choral dimension. On the one hand, the raw assemblages by Galindo, result of the collection of object subtracted from abandonment and witnessing a border, a crossing; on the other hand, the elegant sculptures by Matteo Nasini, algid and geometric shapes that objectify the brain activity during dreaming, are solidifications of non-functional thought and memory processes. The painting by David Schutter, fluid expression of a philology of pictorial language—perception, gesture, memory of the image and its translation through layering—converse with the sculptures by Nicola Martini, animated by a inner and perpetual tension between rigidly opposed elements (horizontal/vertical, centrifugal/centripetal, solid/liquid), challenging the limits of their own materials, a distant, atemporal and almost metaphysical landscape. This tension can also be found in Namsal Siedlecki’s works, where the artist uses an industrial process (the galvanic bath) on natural fibers and vegetals. Reflecting both on the physical and conceptual nature of the integument, Siedlecki attempts at creating a perennial protection, an attempt that doesn’t save the natural element from wasting, but rather defines a second skin aspiring to eternity.

TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time) is a project by Magazzino, curated by Gabriele Gaspari. The first exhibition will last until June 15th; the second one will be opening on June 21st and last until July 28th, 2018.


Massimo Bartolini, Corrimano, 2017. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Guillermo Galindo, Globe Shaker, 2017. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Guillermo Galindo, We all Have a Place at the Table, 2016. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Nicola Martini, Senza Titolo, 2018. Ph: Giorgio Benni


TBT, Installation view
Courtesy Magazzino. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Matteo Nasini, Dream Portraits, 2016 – 2017. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Namsal Siedlecki, Squash, 2016. Ph: Giorgio Benni


TBT, Installation view
Courtesy Magazzino. Ph: Giorgio Benni


TBT, Installation view
Courtesy Magazzino. Ph: Giorgio Benni


Massimo Bartolini, Guillermo Galindo, Nicola Martini, Matteo Nasini, David Schutter, Namsal Siedlecki
TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time)
11 May–28 July 2018

Magazzino | via dei Prefetti 17, Roma
Opening hours: Tue–Sat, 11am–8pm | Mondays by appointment
For Info: +39 066875951 | info@magazzinoartemoderna.com