“The human landscape” and “Àmor” at Centro Internazionale di Fotografia, Palermo

Roberto Timperi, Àmor
Courtesy the artist


The Centro Internazionale di Fotografia in Palermo, directed by Letizia Battaglia, hosts a double opening on May 31st, with the exhibition The Human Landscape by Catherine Opie and Àmor by Roberto Timperi. Both artists have a very diverse approach, although they both focus on and narrate human relations.

The Human Landscape is Catherine Opie’s solo show, debuting with her first movie The Modernist and exhibiting a selection of works from the series Portraits. The exhibition is curated by Antonio Leone and Andrea Ruggieri, promoted by Sicilia Queer—International New Visions Filmfest and by Palermo Pride, in collaboration with ruber.contemporanea. Through photography, Catherine Opie aims at recording the modalities through which human relationship are formed and how men and women are inserted in their context of reference. The American artist focuses on the open questions related to these relationships, analysing them on the one hand through an intime, private gaze and on the other hand with a collective political spirit.

Roberto Timperi’s “Àmor is an exploration. Timperi’s gaze leads us into an uncanny underground world where we survive despite the curse that seems to have been casted upon everything by now, and for good. A world where new forms of filterless beauty are possible, and any corruption is holy. A world whose life runs next  to ours. Yet Àmor is also an intime diary made of relationships between bodies, of moments of revelation, of borderline existences that aren’t in search of any salvation and whose identities, made of flesh and blood, persist in eternal and unsolvable conflict with the sharpness of mainstream aesthetics. Àmor is the livid portrait of a humanity from raging and beating in the city deepest heart” (from the text edited by NERO).


Catherine Opie, The Human Landscape
Courtesy the artist


Caterine Opie
The Human Landscape 
31 May—15 July 2018

Roberto Timperi
31 May–28 July 2018


Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Padiglione 18 | Via Paolo Gili 4, Palermo