Emiliano Maggi “FOOLS FANTASEE” at Operativa, Rome

Emiliano Maggi, Fools Fantasee, Installation View, Operativa, Rome


Operativa Arte Contemporanea presents Fools Fantasee, the second solo project by Emiliano Maggi especially conceived for the gallery spaces in Via del Consolato.

The entire gallery space has been transformed in an absurd carousel where the viewer can see his image lost and transfigured through several acid etched mirrors decorated with sculptural elements realized in ceramic by the artist.

In the centre of the main room, a big white rotating carousel is the tool through which consciousness is lost in a uncontrollable vortex, a game of reflections and twisted visions. In the second room, a series of busts in glazed ceramic represent fantastic characters transmutatations, and suggestions by the carousel of fairytales.

The entire exhibition is indeed focused on the idea of the body-and-identity transfiguration, performed by the mirroring sculptures, in order to take up the viewer’s image to give it back not only modified, but distorted with surreal and fantastic shapes.

Emiliano Maggi (Rome 1977) lives and works in Rome. The multi-faceted artist’s research has always succeeded in combining psychedelic scenarios to mythological symbolism, rituality and rural iconography made of fairy tales and dreams to hypnotic scenes as in italian 70‘s horror movies. All these elements are narrated by a polyhedric production that ranges from performance to jewellery production, from the praised musical project Estasy to pictorial and photographic works.


Emiliano Maggi, Gold Drama, 2018 (detail).
Courtesy Operativa


Emiliano Maggi, Young Fool with Tongue, 2018.
Courtesy Operativa, Rome


Emiliano Maggi, Blue Dream, 2018 (detail).
Courtesy Operativa


Emiliano Maggi, Fools Fantasee, installation view, Operativa, Rome


Emiliano Maggi, Blue Dream, 2018.
Courtesy Operativa, Rome


Emiliano Maggi, Pink Vanity, 2018.
Courtesy Operativa


Emililiano Maggi
25 May–15 July 2018

Operativa Arte Contemporanea | Via del Consolato 10, Roma
Opening hours: Wed–Fri, 4:30–7:30pm or by appointment