“DA FRANCO–Senza Appuntamento #3″ at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289, Rome

Adelaide Cioni, Pink Punk Piece, 2018
Costume for Pink Punk Performance, with Fabio Giorgi Alberti. Courtesy the artist


For its third appointment, Senza Appuntamento features a group exhibition of artists Adelaide Cioni and Fabio Giorgi Alberti and fashion designer Sara Ferri, at Franco Candela’s Barberia in Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 289.

After a cycle of exhibitions that has hosted works by several young artists engaging with the barbershop, Senza appuntamento presents a new show, conceived to establish a deep dialogue with the life and the phenomenology of such a unique place. The artists have been invited to create works that could merge in democratic relation with the space, in order to prevent the risky tendency of contemporary art to colonize the public spaces it relates to. The idea of a mimetic exhibition, playing with invisibility, responds to the will to reactivate the gaze of the viewers-customers who visit the barbershop on a daily basis.

Futuropatia is the fourth issue of an independent editorial project founded by Silvio Saccà and Andrea Polichetti and it features contributions by the three artists along with contents by Fondazione Malutta, Francesco La Marca, Dario Carratta, Natalie Russo, Alessandro Giannì, Vasco Forconi, and Niccolò De Napoli. The fanzine will be sold inside the barbershop as a way to support the programming of the project. The event is in collaboration with Nero Editions and Untitled Association.

During the same evening, there will be the opening of Torre Maluttona & Mercato Babelico, a group exhibition of Fondazione Malutta, at Monitor Gallery, in via Sforza Cesarini 43 a.


Da Franco Senza Appuntamento #3 – Flyer


Adelaide Cioni, Fabio Giorgi Alberti and Sara Ferri
DA FRANCO. Senza Appuntamento #3
Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 7pm

Pink Punk Performance by Adelaide Cioni and Fabio Giorgi Alberti at 7:30pm

Barberia Franco Candela | Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 289, Rome
Opening hours: Tue/Sat, 3–8pm