Presentation of Void n.1
October 3th, from 7.00 pm
Via Margutta 54, Rome.

An editorial sculpture containing a Roberto Cuoghi’s diptych

An editorial sculpture pushing the boundaries of what an artist’s book can be, Void is a radical, minimalist and dramatic project conceived by Federico Pepe (Le Dictateur), which offers a dizzying exploration of the void through a system of perforated pages, revealing a work at its center. Each issue gives room to a single work of a single artist.

300 hand numbered copies limited edition.

“A glance jumps from the 17th floor onto an image. Just one. The ground blocks it for a moment, and then bounces it back to another 17th floor, this time underground. Void is a glance acceleration machine. It is emptiness recreated, printed, punched, sculpted.
Void invited Roberto Cuoghi to contribute to the first issue. Cuoghi presented a diptych: “untitled, 2009″. And stuck it in the middle of the printed, punched, sculpted void.
Cuoghi is a courageous man, he isn’t afraid of the void.”

Born 1973 in Modena, Roberto Cuoghi lives and works in Milan.

Void is edited by Federico Pepe.
no text
24 x 32,5 cm (hardcover, cloth binding, under sealed black envelope)
72 perforated black pages (2 color ill.)