Chartreuse jeune by Olaf Nicolai

Next Sunday (November 28) as part of Critical Complicity Olaf Nicolai will present Chartreuse jeune, an arrangement in the house of Gianni Tabarelli, with the contributions of Julieta Aranda, John Armleder, Elisabetta Benassi, Karla Black, Monica Bonvicini, Thomas Demand, Jason Dodge, Dora García, Piero Golia, Douglas Gordon, Karl Holmqvist, Carsten Höller, Jonathan Monk, Carsten Nicolai, Mai-Thu Perret, Anri Sala, Kelly Schacht, Tilo Schulz.

Critical Complicity is a series of performative interventions in private-public space in Bolzano/Bozen, projected by Lisa Mazza & Julia Moritz and realized by Lungomare.

Complicity is the micro-political coalition that operates at these edges of established systems of order. In the shadowy zones of dubious alliances unfolds a critical potential, a multiplicity of subversive modes of production. The spectrum of entanglements in the art field is extensive; the abundance of ingestible positions forms the bases for tension-filled collaborations and multiplies the contradictions.The aim of the project Kritische Komplizenschaft / Critical Complicity is a topology of the complicit. Three aspect which we consider central to alternative artistic practice define the conjunction of different perspectives: the intersections of macro- and micro communities and the moments of interdependency, the frictions of illegal/legal as well as affect and seduction and the field of tactical media. Each of these aspects shall be investigated in a separate phase of the project and in collaboration with different partners. Yet it is only in the intersection of these parameters where the complexity of critical complicity emerges.

It exposes the separating function of identitarian role play within the conventional art circuits – such as producer-recipient – as an ideological construction that blocks social energies just before their critical potentiality erupts. It is the deconstruction of the singular that ties the participants of Kritische Komplizenschaft/ Critical Complicity together. To oppose the current boom of participatory practice and to reactivate artistic collectivity beyond precarious altruism and “synergetic” co-authorship is one of the project’s core interests.

Program – Lungomare Bozen with: Dexter Sinister, Olaf Nicolai, Tanja Ostojic, Anna Scalfi, What will I not regret later?

Some photos of the house of Gianni Tabarelli:




casa-tabarelli_buch_4 casa-tabarelli_buch_7

Photo Credits:

Curzio Castellan
Gianni Tabarelli
Davide Franceschini

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