RAINFOREST LIVE #04 – Gary War | Intellectuals – November 19 at Muzak

Rainforest is a web column of Nero, and also a gathering that happens every once in a while in Rome curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Valerio Mattioli. For each event  a limited edition zine by RAWRAW ed. is released, containing material by the same bands that will perform that night. The third event of Rainforest is on November 19, h.22 at Muzak (ex Metaverso), in Via di Monte Testaccio 38, Rome, and will include performances by Gary War and the Intellctuals.
Gary War, or of the art of flanger. He comes from New York, he cut his eyeteeth in Ariel Pink’s band, he recorded for Sacred Bones, Captured Tracks and Holidays. Now he lands in Rome confused like in the same fog released by his records, a sort of  evaporating foam made of bubblings and reverberations. Believe it or not, he makes rock ‘n’ roll.
The Intellectuals are around from more than a decade, they cut records for mythological Hate label, they basically played everywhere and the new album was recorded in London Toe Rag Studios. If you think that Jay Retard’s death was a fortune because he gave his best with the Lost Sounds, the Intellectuals are your band, dot.

On It’s Head by Gary War