RAINFOREST LIVE #05 – Stellar OM Source | Estasy | The Away Team – December 17 at Muzak

Rainforest is a web column of Nero, and also a gathering that happens every once in a while in Rome curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Valerio Mattioli. For each event  a limited edition zine by RAWRAW ed. is released, containing material by the same bands that will perform that night. The third event of Rainforest is onDecember 17, h.22 at Muzak (ex Metaverso), in Via di Monte Testaccio 38, Rome, and will include performances by Stellar OM Source, Estasy and The Away Team and videos by Michele Manfellotto and AAVV.

Magnetic Depths by Stellar OM Source

Stellar OM Source, aka of Christelle Gualdi, plays “sexy neo age” (her own definition). If you like Klaus Schulze, Terry Riley and Detroit techno you’ll be well served. Same thing if you appreciate Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never. If you are orphan of noise and now you rather lapse into soft vintage roland arpeggios again you’ll be satisfied. Christelle is influenced by english 90′s rave flyers, Rotterdam, italian celebrities, brutal architecture, korg presets. http://www.myspace.com/omsource

Estasy is the alter ego of Emiliano Maggi. He does masks, sculptures, occult costumes and weird art works. You can have an idea of his art on Estasy blog, magikzaplakala. His music is a pagan outlet that reflects the hermetic abysses of those pages. Indeed his music was released by Ikuisuus, the finnish label of the forests. http://www.myspace.com/extacysound

Aka Polysick, aka half of Cadeo, aka half of AAVV, occasionally one-third of Thetlvmth, Egisto Sopor is the man of Sleep Over, Cvlts and obviously Stellar OM Source videos. But he also plays : synthteizers, sequencer, underwater drum machines… In this specific case his name is THE AWAY TEAM. His own split with Panabrite, was released by Bumtapes, the same label of Julian Lynch, Psychedelic Horseshit, Fossils, and other great stuff. http://www.myspace.com/evacuateplanetearth

During the live sets, videos by Michele Manfellotto and AVV will be projected. http://heavenisknowingwhoyouare.blogspot.com/http://www.myspace.com/aavv

RAINFOREST ZINE limited edition will contain Christelle Gualdi art works and a poster by Emiliano Maggi.