Vedovamazzei – One too many 15years later

February 28 – March 31, 2011
A Palazzo Gallery - Piazza Tebaldo Brusato n. 35 РBrescia

It was in 1996 when they did it for the first time at the Arengario, in Milan as part of a group show. Just in front of the large window overlooking Piazza Duomo, Vedovamazzei had placed their living sculpture: two young men, kissing, sitting on a bench. It was as if they were sheltering in a public park at night, in a hidden place of gay battuage, occasionally glanced at only by other gays seeking similar pleasures. They gave the impression of having met by chance and rather then consummating the act, were exchanging softer and more tender effusions, just as if in that place of furtive sex a coup defoudre had suddenly happened, and love had been born. And so it was that for the whole of the night the two young men never separated one from the other.

And today? Today they repeate the same performance, bearing also in mind the time gone by.

Fifteen years have passed, our two gay friends have reached their forties, are well integrated professionally, have a job that suits them, and live confortably. They have become an ordinary couple, live together and, in the evening, sit on the settee to watch television. This is the way, in fact, we see them: elegant, sitting on a just-as-stylish settee (of good Ikea design) and with high-tech digital equipment. They are certainly no longer young, but keep in good shape by jogging and going to the gym. Just like a well-off, straight couple, who like to keep in shape and form.

Is this new work, this new double living sculpture, this performance, this, too, though indirectly, also a political statement?

The artists usually ask questions, give answers, which belong to us: it can work, you might say, if it stimulates enough questions, and in my opinion this stimulates many.

Giorgio Verzotti