May I Introduce You? – A guide to creative talents

May I Introduce You? A guide to creative talents, curated by Ginevra Elkann,  is a bilingual book of the best international creative talents.

Ginevra Elkann

May I Introduce You? explores the intersections at which creativity becomes not only a means of expression but also a mental attitude. With this as her driving focus, Ginevra Elkann has gathered the voices, testimonies and contributions of today’s most intriguing creative figures: artists, film directors, writers, fashion designers, architects, photographers and entrepreneurs. Although each belongs to different professional spheres, they’re brought together thanks to the strength and foresight of their work and their commitment to become exceptional interpreters of our times. Each individual is presented through a biography, a brief interview, and a selection of images that best portray their creative work.


May I Introduce You? has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of STEFANEL. While remaining faithful to its roots and traditions, STEFANEL is a brand that has always been interested in the future, supporting the creative avantgarde and interacting with talents in the various fields of art.


May I Introduce You? is an editorial project conceived and designed by MEMORIA, a company specialized in the production of content for communication. The book will be published by Electa.

NERO is included in the book. Check it out.