Myatelier.Net – 15 Cubes For 15 Artists

May 19 – May 29, 2011
Various Locations - Rome

Michele Manfellotto and Massimiliano Bomba will present two linked site specific projects included in this first edition of Check their installations out at Piazza Damiano Sauli starting from the 19th of May.

A route through the most suggestive streets and corners of Rome, discovering 15 “cubes/atelier” assigned to 15 national and international creatives, will transform the ancient capital into an open-air gallery of contemporary art.

15 points linked on the theme of Elsewhere, expressed by the artists with site-specific works within the assigned cubes that will involve the people from Rome, tourists, art lovers and those curious about art and what is new, a reflection upon the crossing of “boundaries” placed in close relation with the most current ideas about plurality, mobility and the city.

The “cubes/atelier” were designed by the students of IED Rome in accordance with criteria of sustainability, respect and valorisation of the locations in which they are inserted. A process lasting almost two years, that included the conception of the brand/corporate identity, through lectures, study groups and the development of prototypes that were also the subject of theses. The by now graduates, resulting “winners” – Ludovica Colizzi, Francesco Costa, Ottavia Lello (designers of the cubes) and Patrizio Anastasi (brand/corporate identity and graphics) – were actively involved in the executive phases of the realization of the event. A concrete example of interaction between education, institutions and companies in the shared effort to support new professions linked to creativity.

The choice of the 15 artists, designers, sculptors, photographers and performers took place through a mixed mechanism that envisaged: ten artists who were directly invited and five who were selected via an open call on the website that published all the portfolios of the applicants and is setting itself up as a permanent space and showcase for artists.

Eight artists were selected by a selection committee – indicated by Boiler Corporation – who, in this first edition, consisted of three influential and internationally renowned professionals: Umberto Angelini (director of UOVO Performing Arts Festival, Milan), Lorenzo Gigotti (co-founder and director of NERO Magazine, Rome) and Fabio Novembre (architect).

A further sign of interaction with what happens of significance in the city, has set aside two cubes for artists from the Week of Islamic Culture, the initiative promoted by Roma Capitale, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture taking place at the same time in Rome.

Thus Rome will become a big outdoor gallery through the route set out by ma0/Architecture studio together with the City of Rome and the regional board of the ministry of cultural heritage who intercepted places of artistic, cultural and commercial interest, as well as strategic points of crossing such as squares and stations. The entire route is articulated between two historical “gates” of the city: Milvio in the north and the EUR in the south. An invitation to reinterpret the city as a sequence of places for collective use and marked by creative experimentation.

An important meeting place for MYATELIER.NET will be the EUR, at the l’AUDI@MYATELIER.NET where all the information related to the event can be found and where the Audi A1 will be on show, the car aimed to carry into the compact sector design contents, technology and quality typical of the Brand. Another hub of the event will be the Roma Ostiense station, the façade of which will feature a communication intervention, that will give vast visibility to the initiative in the context of the media partnership with Centostazioni (company founded by FS and Archimede 1-Gruppo SAVE, that manages 103 Italian railway stations). Initiatives are also envisaged throughout the network of stations in the Lazio region and the national territory.

Thursday 19th May, at 11.30 a.m. in Campidoglio in the Sala del Carroccio, there will be a press conference presenting the details of the project and the tour will begin – exclusively for accredited journalists – aboard vehicles offered by the Automobile company AUDI, main partner of the initiative. The official opening of the event will take place in the evening followed by a big party open to the city.

MYATELIER.NET – CREATIVITY ON THE STREETS OF ROME. 15 CUBES FOR 15 ARTISTS, with the patronage of Roma Capitale, organized by the company MyAtelier, with the art direction of Boiler Corporation with Porzia Bergamasco, the partnership of the European Institute of Design and ma0/Architecture studio in Rome.