Francesca Woodman – Photographs 1977/1981 – Publication

May 23, 2011
Il Museo del Louvre – Via della Reginella, 28 – Rome

Francesca Woodman spent the year 1977-78 in Rome as a Rhode Island School of Design study abroad student. During that period, Giuseppe Casetti and Paolo Missigoi opened Maldoror, a tiny bookshop specialized in XX century avant-garde.

One day, Francesca Woodman came up to the Maldoror and handed a grey cloth box and said, “I’m a photographer. If you want, you can do something with this grey box.” That was how Woodman’s first exhibition in 1978 was organized.

The photographs, letters, postcards, drawings, sketches gathered together in the volume Francesca Woodman – Photographs 1977/1981 published by AGMA, are traces of her life that Francesca left her friends in Rome.

This visual narrative, accompanied by extensive notes and direct witnesses, is the first publication dedicated to the artist’s most productive and inspiring years.

The book will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition, hosted by Il Museo del Louvre gallery, on the late american photographer Francesca Woodman. Opening on May 23, 77 previously unreleased photographs, letters , drawings and other works will be on display too. The exhibition has been curated by Giuseppe Casetti, who was also the curator of the artist’s first solo show back in 1978 at the Maldoror bookstore in Rome, a place that Woodman loved and used to frequently visit in the two years she spent in the city.

Next to the photographs with the artist’s graphic interventions and the famous glove series realized at the Fassi Bar in Rome, the gallery will exhibit the original invitations to the 78 show, three drawings, excerpts from the photographer’s private correspondece,  and several notes regarding her artistic process,  future installations and photographic researches.