Osloo – A Public Place in Venice By FOS

Osloo is a floating pavilion comprising
a Bar, a Daily Event Programme and a Radio Station
31 May – 1 July 2011
Island of San Servolo, Venice, next to the vaperetto stop
Open Daily 2 pm – 10 pm

As a truly public space, Osloo is located outside the designated space of the Danish Pavilion in the Giardini, and is instead located within the urban fabric of the city of Venice, docked at the island of San Servolo. Osloo is an architectonic structure and a social space that comes to life through a range of events and audience encounters. The programme on Osloo aims to break traditional borders between disciplines and explores the possibility of exchanging information in a public space through an aesthetic framework. International artists, musicians and poets will perform alongside researchers, politicians, art historians, and other public figures in order to create a set of alternative social situations and exchanges. Osloo is a remaking of the pavilion Oslo from 1999, which was the first work that put FOS’ artistic concept of ‘Social Design’ into physical form. Osloo is closely aligned to the tradition of relational aesthetics, but takes its starting point in the socio-political context of contemporary society.

On Osloo each night of events is programmed in relation to both the title of the evening and the overall theme of Osloo, which is ‘Language’. Throughout its duration more events will be added to the programme and every day Osloo provides the setting for improvised activities and informal social interaction. For four–and–a–half weeks this regular programme of free public events will function as an accessible space for the citizens of Venice and tourists as well as Biennale visitors. The bar Osloo is open every day from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Venice Biennale Opening Days
31 May – 4 June 2011

31 May: Kick–off (6-10pm)

Rastafari H.C. Andersen (speech)

Concert by Hype Williams (Great Britain)


1 June: One Language Traveler (6-10pm)

Lars Bang Larsen (Denmark, art critic) on HeÅLlio Oiticica (lecture)

Michalis Pichler (Germany/Greece) sings Der Einzige und sein Eigentum (performance);

Tuomas Toivonen (Finland) performs One Language Traveler (music)

2 June: A Collection of Centers (11am-11pm)

11.00 am-1.00 pm (guest lecture): What are the components needed to create a good platform for intercultural dialogue and art? A round table discussion organized by Tijana Miškovi (Denmark/Former Yugoslavia, art producer and curator), Tine Bundgaard (Denmark, artistic director and curator SAIR), Michelle Eistrup (Denmark/Jamaica, visual artist and curator), Georges. H. Rabbath (Lebanon curator) and Sithabile Mlotshwa (Zimbabwe/ Holland, Director of Thamgadi Foundation).

4pm-10 pm: Henrik Plenge Jacobsen (Denmark, visual artist) performs Eierstock (performance)
From Processology to Neo-Relationalism – chaos to consensus (panel debate on Neo-Relations) by Gallery D.O.R: Kristian .verland Dahl, Steinar Haga Kristensen and Sverre Gullesen (Belgium/Norway) (performance)
DJ Fari Bradley (London-based Lebanese DJ, broadcaster and multi-disciplinary artist)

Friday 3 June: A Financial Erotic Act (7-10 pm)

The sex life of snails by David Salomon (Denmark/ France, visual artist) (lecture)
Father Murphy (Italy) (concert)
Dorit Chrysler (Austria) performs The Theremin (concert)
Jesper Just (Denmark, visual artist) performs A Financial Erotic Act (performance)

Saturday 4 June: Frontière et le Territoire (3-10 pm)

Rio Bravo (Denmark) has put together the programme for the day. They have invited: Model court (Great Britain, artist group (performance)
A police band from Venice (Italy) (concert)
DJ STRA (Italy) Fusion Arabic (DJ set)
POF! Champagne (Italy), Fundance electronic concert (concert)

Throughout June: 5 June – 1 July

Amongst others: Awesome Tapes from Africa (USA) aka. Brian Shimkovitz, tape cassette DJ set with sounds from Africa; Reading by Cia Rinne (Sweden, poet); Collecting identities: I stay therefore I am by La Collezione di Carrozzeria Margot (Italy, gallery and artist collective), mimesis of a film production in 12 acts wherein the audience is involved in various ways; reading by Etel Adnan (Lebanon/USA, visual artist and poet); Enrico Malatesta (Italy, artist and musician) performance on drums; Revolution of the Mind, discussion with Fari Bradley (London-based broadcaster and multidisciplinary artist) and Georges Rabbath (Lebanon, curator); Gamers in Exile (Italy) progressive electronica concert; Jooklo duo troglosound (Italy) free jazz concert; Lucky Dragons (US, collaborative music group) 12 hours video and sound performance; The Danish experimental record company ESCHO invites Thulebasen (Denmark, avantgarde band); Trentem.ller (Denmark, electronica DJ) moist electro of the first degree.

For a full programme of events see: www.osloo. dk (updated daily), and www.danish-pavilion.org. For a daily update on current events call +39 3421291543.