Braun CruZer – Ronnie Abaldonado

Ronnie Abaldonado is the veteran of the Red Bull BC One. He won 2nd place at the Red Bull BC One in Switzerland, 3rd place in Berlin, 2nd place again in Brazil and in South Africa won the title in the finals against his fellow US competitor Roxrite.Dancing for more than 10 years, he is one of the top-ranking dancers from the US. His moves have a high degree of difficulty and are always very clean. He also represents two crews: Full Force and Super Cr3w. With Super Cr3w he won the MTV Show “America’s Best Dance Crew” in Aug 2008.

Ronnie was living in Guam when he first saw breaking. Growing up, he watched his older cousins perform in the late 80s, but he didn’t start B-Boying himself until the mid 90s, while living in California.

He was first motivated by watching his cousins from California practice. However, most of all he was inspired by his brother Rodolfo and always tried to be as good as him. When his family moved to Las Vegas, Rodolfo stopped dancing, while Ronnie kept at it. In addition to B-Boying, Ronnie is an artist who loves to draw. He’s interested in pretty much anything that enables you to express your creative individuality and is a big fan of Hip Hop because it’s a culture of self-expression.

The members of Full Force are like blood brothers with a lot of history beyond breaking. They have been representing together for more than 10 years and are still going strong. Their logo is a tree symbolizing the crew as a family because, like the tree, they continue to grow with deepening roots.

Ronnie is inspired by all B-Boys that are passionate about the dance, not just the best ones, but also kids practicing on a street corner. These are the B-Boys that motivate him the most because they remind him of when and where he first started, and of the journey he travelled to arrive where he is today. He is inspired by passionate people in general and by all people who do their best in any arena.

Ronnie’s dance style is well rounded. He combines all the elements of breaking into an integrated set. His signature moves include different variations of freezes and intricate footwork transitions combined with power moves. Ronnie’s battle strategy is essentially to stay true to himself, doing what he does best, the best possible way he can. He feeds off the crowd’s energy in the hopes that they feed off of his.