MAXXIMALISM – Summer Music Shows at MAXXI

Encouraged by the success of 2010, MAXXI – the first national museum of contemporary art in Italy – is continuing with its programme of musical performances MAXXIMALISM, curated by NERO. The programme staged in the museum’s external spaces that have been transformed into a garden of green islands thanks to the stARTT studio’s WHATAMI project, winner of the YAP MAXXI 2011 competition.

This year too, the underlying theme of the musical programme attempts to draw attention to a historical trend that in recent years has established itself as an alternative to the neo-minimalist tendencies of the 1990s and the early 2000s. A trend that in its diverse forms we could define as “maximalist” and which embraces traditional, ethnic and pop influences as well as contaminations associated with the field of contemporary visual arts.

The first diary date will be the concert of Momus, known for his ascetic and in his own sensual style, Momus’ largely autobiographical lyrics are frequently impregnated with a dark humour and describe a fantastical universe in a refined and sophisticated manner. His performances revive the singer-songwriter tradition of the storyteller.


The next appointments will feature NETTLE (DJ/rupture) and Sandro Perri / POLMO POLPO.

Thursday 23 June, 20.30? – MAXXI, Via Guido Reni 4a, Rome, Italy