The Taking Place of an Art Publication

June 21st 2011, h. 7.30 pm
Villa Romana, Via Senese 68, Florence

avere luogo book launch and discussion
followed by an evening of music selected by NERO

With the release of the catalogue avere luogo, published for Nora Schultz’s 2010 solo exhibition at the Fondazione Giuliani in Rome,

Nora Schultz, artist in residence at Villa Romana, Florence
Adrienne Drake, curator of the Fondazione Giuliani, Rome
Francesco de Figueiredo and Lorenzo Gigotti, NERO, Rome

will host an open discussion addressing today’s production and reception of art publications, and the relevance of publishing within an art context. How does a publication manifest certain frameworks within the process of an exhibition, and how does it challenge these frames? How can a catalogue step beyond its primary function of simply documenting and representing an exhibition?

The catalogue avere luogo was published in conjunction with the exhibition by Nora Schultz avere luogo, October 12 – December 31, 2010 at Fondazione Giuliani per l’arte contemporanea.

The final section of the catalogue is a special project carried out by the artist in collaboration with NERO. The 32 pages are part of a selection of over 2.000 70 x 100 cm test sheets originating from the Marchesi printing houses, used for the print machines’ start-up. The layouts of the books to be produced are printed on these sheets, one on top of another. This gives rise to a series of palimpsests, characterized by a stratification of levels which, randomly overlapped, create abstract images of an almost sculptural physicality. Given that this special project is composed of recycled material, each one of these catalogues, in a limited edition of 1.000 copies, is unique and original.

The catalogue includes a special project by Nora Schultz too.

Texts:  Barbara Buchmaier, Adrienne Drake, Nora Schultz, Josef Strau.