The Piccadilly Community Centre

May 13 – July 30 2011
196A Piccadilly, London W1J 9DY

“The Piccadilly Community Centre is run by a voluntary committee of dedicated people from the local community. Our aim is that the centre will enhance the quality of life for local people by providing educational, recreational, health, well-being and leisure opportunities. A place where people can meet, learn and socialize in a safe and friendly environment.

We provide a wide variety of resources and services for the whole community regardless of sex, age, religion or race, the Association is non-political, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory on any social grounds. As a voluntary run community centre, we are not reliant on grants or outside funding, we are self sustained through the kind and dedicated work of our volunteers and supporters.”

This is the Mission Statement of the Piccadilly Community Center, the last unsigned piece by Christoph Büchel who has transformed literally the three-level gallery of Hauser & Wirth in a community center.

The centre will host a wide range of classes, workshops and events. Facilities will include among other things multifunctional spaces, a computer room, a non-denominational prayer room, an activity room, a community canteen, a community bar and club. Outside in the market in front of St James’ Church, the Community Centre will run a stall. In the building no semblance of art, no gallery staff or every art traces.

We can avoid to say that this project pushes the borders between art and reality, but what is certain in this weird encounter is simply that art and reality  seem more interesting than before.

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