Open Doors_Arts – Rock the Casbah

July 8, 2011
from 6.30 p.m. to midnight
Istituto Svizzero di Roma – Villa Maraini – Via Ludovisi 48
Free entrance

In occasion of the exhibition Open Doors_Rock the Casba, NERO is pleased to announce the release of a publication including the works of Claudia Comte, Nicolas Field, Hektor Mamet, Reto Pulfer, Gilles Rotzetter and an audio CD curated by Denis Schuler.

Open Doors_Rock the Casbah is the exhibition of the works by artists who are members of the ISR for 2010/2011(Claudia Comte, Nicolas Field, Hektor Mamet, Reto Pulfer, Gilles Rotzetter) curated by Salvatore Lacagnina and Valentina Sansone and a live music project curated by Denis Schuler and Noémie Etienne. “Open Doors” is the final project of the 2010/2011 members of the ISR that in parallel includes the presentation of both artists and researchers. With “Open Doors_Research” (Thursday, July 7 2011) entitled Immagine e realtà the academic members propose a day of study on the forms of presence of reality in various contexts of contemporary culture (from echnology to contemporary art, from philosophy to design). “Open Doors_Arts” is the project developed by the Arts Department for which the artists were asked to imagine new productions that could dialogue with the spaces of the garden and of Villa Maraini, that are usually used very little, at least during recent years, for artistic projects. Denis Schuler, composer and musician in residence at the ISR, was asked to imagine a kind of soundtrack for the entire evening, a uniform counterpoint to a series of works by Claudia Comte, Hektor Mamet, Nicolas Field, Reto Pulfer, Gilles Rotzetter.