Beck’s – The Green Box Project

Beck’s launches The Green Box Project, a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.

Over the next three years, Beck’s, through The Green Box Project, will fund and showcase hundreds of projects by individuals with unique creative vision.

Anyone can submit a proposal for funding within the areas of art, design, music or fashion. Each submission will be individually considered and reviewed by the dedicated Green Box team and its Board.

Thirty international creatives from the worlds of art, design, fashion and music have been commissioned to lead the project including Andrew Kuo, Kathy Grayson, Hussein Chalayan and Arne Quinze.

The Green Box Project is co-curated, commissioned and mentored by Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel.

Commissioned work will only ever appear in Augmented Reality; both online and around thirty Green Boxes, that measure two metres cubed, which will appear in specific locations across seven international cities: London, Manchester, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Rome and Milan.

Using a custom built augmented reality app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, members of the public will be able to look at any of the green boxes through their smart phone to reveal the unique content contained within it.

To experience the Beck’s Green Box Project users must initially download the free Beck’s Key app from the Apple iTunes App Store. Once they have the app on their phone or device they can search for the closest Green Box to them either through the app or by visiting the Beck’s website – – or the Beck’s Facebook profile –….

In the video above we introduce to Sage Vaughn, a los angeles-based painter and illustrator, who created a piece for Green Box in Milan in Piazza Marconi near Duomo.