During the opening week of the 53rd Venice Biennial in June 2009, THE DOR set up a temporary office at the Istituto Svizzero di Venezia. The office was used for reproducing books and editing the reproductions. The artists Piero Golia and Fabian Marti involved all the staff of the institute and a couple of artist friends. THE DOR scanned, archived and reprinted books that were brought by international visitors, creating a meeting point dedicated to the sharing of rare books such as “Four Basic Kinds of Straight Lines” by Sol LeWitt from 1969, or catalogues as the one of “Documenta 5″ by Harald Szeemann from 1972. We were there and we enjoyed the idea of promoting a creative act, both theoretical and practical, and making it accessible to the public. Of course we also enjoyed the possibility of getting books that were impossible to find elsewhere.

Today THE DOR is still an open project looking for collaborations and more books from collectors, artists, curators and friends in order to expand the digital archive which is still available at: where you can find and download many interesting books. THE DORĀ  hasĀ also been presented by Kunsthalle Zurich in Summer 2009 and at the Swiss Institute New York in the Winter of 2010.