Here a short q&a with Reed+Rader, the other Green Box project located in Milan.

Enjoy it!

Could you introduce yourself in a few words to the ones that don’t know you?

We’re Pamela + Matthew.  Most people know us as Reed + Rader. We like stuffed animals, cats, gardening and pizza a lot.

How do you describe your work?

We create work that takes advantage of technology. We are mostly known for creating animated gifs in the fashion world, but increasingly we’re trying to push to the next step of interactive installations and more user controlled web platforms.  Our main goal right now is to take the user and make then a content director, give them the power and have them no longer just view the work passively. This is a challenge but one we’re up for.

What was the first work you ever made?

One of our first works we made was a story called “Toma”. It really was our breakout work and started a new path of self creation.  In this work we took regular still images, but then hand collaged multiple elements in it – from a girl jumping over a open mouthed lion to a girl militant marching with Mister Wubba ( With this story we got our first cover and really started to push us to really do what we wanted to, which was have no rules or boundaries in our work.

What do you think contemporary US artists?

Art right now is in a interesting transition.  With print media on the decline, young artists are using new technology and platforms to start to create new mediums. It’s a very exciting time now in photography with still images starting to transition into moving images, and more excitingly for us, interactive features. With tools like depth cameras and the Microsoft Kinect, it’s giving artists a more hands on approach with technologies that they couldn’t afford, but now can as they are becoming consumer based.