Susan Philipsz “Seven Tears”

Ludwig Forum Aachen
July 10 – September 25, 2011

This summer the Scottish artist and Turner Prize winner, Susan Philipsz, transforms a visit to the Ludwig Forum into an intense and surprising sound experience. The exhibition, created especially for Aachen, is entitled “Seven Tears” and opens on July 10. For the exhibition in Aachen, Susan Philipsz has brought together seven historical pieces of music from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. All of the pieces are sung by the artist a cappella.

Often Philipsz installs her work in unexpected corners of the public realm: under a bridge during 2007’s Sculpture Projects Muenster; in the Shrine of the Nymphs near the base of Athens’ Acropolis for the 2006 exhibition ‘The Grand Promenade’; in a hillside shelter for the forthcoming Folkestone Triennial; or piped through the speakers of a Tesco supermarket to unsuspecting shoppers.

Philipsz’ art works, which frequently consist of nothing more than an empty gallery and a recording of the artist herself singing, are pure and concentrated sound encounters. Her talent was officially recognized by the prestigious Turner Prize she won last year. It was the first time in the history of the prize that the winning work could not be seen: Philipsz won over the jury with her sound installation “Lowlands”. The artist had originally created the work for her hometown of Glasgow: beneath three bridges in the city one could listen to one of three different versions of the traditional song “Lowlands Away”.