PIATTAFORMA LUNA a film by Yuri Ancarani

After the great success of last year and after receiving multiple awards for the movie “Il Capo” (www.ilcapo.it), video artist Yuri Ancarani is back to the Venice Film Festival as a director of the movie “Piattaforma Luna” presented this year within the directors’ section of the festival, “Orizzonti” – a selection of the latests trends in cinematic language.

“Piattaforma Luna” (2011) tells a story of life and dream chasing after one another and constantly merging together, creating dialogic superimpositions and contrasts. The movie is like a science fiction, a tale that stems from the real emotional journey and from the real life experience of six scuba diving technicians who work in deep ocean water.  For several weeks the technicians carry on an off-shore operation aboard the platform Luna, with life shifting in between 100 meters depth under the sea and life in the hyperbaric chamber. This extreme environment does not allow for things to be as they are outside of water. Everything and every action must be reinvented in oder to seem normal. As in his previous movie, Ancarani features common men as protagonists, not heroes, people performing a job, albeit a heavy duty, dangerous one that eventually become just like real heroes. The movie allows the filmmaker to uplift daily life and the invisibile realities such as the one presented into something more sublime and visible.

“I wanted to follow closely such an extreme profession” says director Yuri Ancarani. “For three days we lived under heavy pressure in the hyperbaric chamber together with the divers, only they were like actors to us.

We ate with them and slept next to them, breathing in helium at times and speaking like “Duffy Duck”, in a distorted tone of voice. It was truly intense, an experience that I hope I re-rendered well through the movie”. “Piattaforma Luna” is the second in a series of works centering around the theme of labor. The trades that Ancarani accounts for are not very well known professions and they do not often get talked about. However, his movies employ peculiar artistic languages, aesthetics, narrative and compositional ones that are rather different from those used by TV and media in their attempts to transform common people into heroes.

“Piattaforma Luna” is the first movie being produced by world renowned artist Maurizio Cattelan, who also acts as a spokesman for a group of daring art collectors that feature as co-producers. International distribution for the movie has also been curated in the spirit of contemporary art by the gallery Zero. “Piattaforma Luna” is a collaboration between and within the system of contemporary art departing from the traditions of the movie industry, independent of its connections.

The movie lasts about 25 minutes, with dialogues in Italian and English subtitles. The original soundtrack has been realied by Australian composer Ben Frost.


A group of six scuba divers that specialize in deep underwater operations lives for a period of three weeks at the bottom of the ocean, conducting work on board of the platform Luna. Director’s quote “I wanted to follow closely such an extreme profession. For three days we lived under heavy pressure in the hyperbaric chamber. We ate with them and slept next to them, breathing in helium at times. A truly intense experience”.

Director’s Bio

Yuri Ancarani was born in Ravenna, Italy in 1972. He lives in Milan, working as a visual artist and a director. He teaches video art at NABA (New Brera Academy) in Milan. His works have been presented in numerous film festivals, art shows and museums, among which the Prague Biennale 5; Full Frame Documentary Festival (Dhuram); Cinéma du Réel (Centre Pompidou, Parisi); Videoreport Italia, GCAC, (Monfalcone); 23° IDFA (Amsterdam); 67° Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica (Venice Film Festival); XIV Biennale Internazionale di scultura (Carrara). He is recipient of the Genziana d’argento award at the Trento Film Festival. He was awarded Miglior Documentario at the New Horizons I.F.F. (Wroclaw).