CAMERE XVI “The Third Tiger”

September 19 – November 18, 2011
RAM radioartemobile – Via Conte Verde 15 – Rome

An attempt to find equilibrium is the aim of the 16th edition of Camere. Once more on this occasion the RAM spaces lay testimony to an entirely special dimension in which the works of the invited artists are inserted. Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Director of the Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg De Vleeshal di Middelburg (NL), the exhibition presents the works of three renowned artists: Rossella Biscotti, Mark Manders, Olaf Nicolai.

Quoting the curator’s starting words from his critical text: “Searching for a definition of what exhibitive space is, one could say that it is a place in which a translation occurs, a confine in which the visitor may pass from one dimension to another, a line which separates reality from a limitless number of other worlds, or other perspectives of the world. This is a definition that a place like Camere can highlight through the simple and precious typology of its rooms. With their frescoes and decorated flooring, the views of a nineteenth-century Roman Villa, the exhibitions in this place are testimony to a perspective of that special equilibrium found within art. The works of art and the location make it possible to create a direct dialogue between the visitor and the artist.”

During the opening of the exhibition, the poet Marije Langelaar will read a selection of poems in a clear dialogue with Manders’s works: a direct link between the hidden identity of the latter’s sculpture and a revealed identity in Langelaar’s words.

The reading of Marije Langelaar’s poems will be broadcasted on RAM LIVE,

Images: Olaf Nicolai, o.T. (Atem) no.7 – 03/11, 2011, Inkjetprint on Fine Art Portfoliorag, 123×95 cm, Courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin


Mark Manders
Clay Figure with Iron Chair, 2009
177 x59 x 81 (h)
Painted bronze, iron
Courtesy  the artist


Rossella Biscotti
Yellow Film, 2010
16mm with optical sound, 22’, looped
Courtesy dell’artista
Crediti Foto: Hugo Munoz