Elle Kunnos de Voss for Green Box – Beck’s

Here a short q&a with Elle Kunnos de Voss, who conceived a new work for Green Box. Enjoy it!

How do you describe your work?

I am a designer working primarily with spatial design, from architecture to spatial installations. I think of what I do more as set design than interior design – whether it’s interior architecture created to last as some of my work or with the design intent to communicate and facilitate change; as with my latest project “What Happens When”. I like to challenge the perception of space by playing with perspective and contrast. In both material, scale and colors my work often has dramatic elements, some familiar- prop like and some just suggested. My spatial and 3 dimensional work can also be described as graphic in a way.

What was the first piece of design you remember seeing and being inspired by?

Being born in the late 70′s my first memories of my surroundings and objects are from the early 80′s. Which from my perspective at the time was great. One of the first object i remember making an impression on me was a fiber optic light fixture at a friends house. It was huge and changed color. And it was not to be touched. I was very fascinated by it, it totally transformed the room it was in when it was on. Dimmers, colored light, glitter and pastels everywhere.

Is there anything you wish you had created yourself?

I never thought about it. Not one thing that I could call out, there are many inspiring and great projects that come to mind.

Who’s your favourite designer?

I don’t really have one favourite designer who’s work I follow. I get more inspired by exploring other disciplines and art forms.

Are there any upcoming designers you’d recommend we check out?

I was just in Copenhagen and I think there a lot of interesting things going on there. The culinary world and restaurant scene certainly got a boost this year. And also Danish fashion and furniture design seems to be re-inventing itself. I would look there.

What do you try to achieve through your work with the Green Box Project?

Mostly it made me think a lot about something really simple being out of context, or just in a new context. And I didn’t know how my piece would translate as the backdrop can be anything. But for me the most interesting part was to explore the relationship between the high tech and low tech and see how the crafted would translate into floating around as a layer on top of the city. And the content, being limited to 10 seconds was interesting to work with in terms of narrative. I wanted to work with familiar elements, and put together the ode to the city in the right rhythm, which in this case consisted of 240 drawings in sequence. Working with this project has really opened up a new world of interests for me, as my work until now has all been very tangible.

Why did you want to be involved with the Green Box Project? What are your thoughts on the Beck’s Art Fund?

I was really excited to be commissioned – as being thrown into this new context and medium really pushed a new way of thinking. The challenge of working in this unfamiliar territory has been interesting on many levels, not just creatively for the piece but also it has made me think about my other work through this new context. I think its a great initiative that will push many creatives into new ways of thinking and working. Im very excited to see all the coming works!