NY: New Perspectives at Brend New Gallery

September 22 – October 29, 2011
BRAND NEW GALLERY - via Farini 32 - Milan

NY: New Perspectives is an exhibition in collaboration with Linda Yablonsky. This exhibition introduces some of the most interesting artists among the younger generations living and working in New York and explores the latest trends on the city’s art scene.

For over fifty years New York has been the centre of contemporary art and despite the fact that globalization today has allowed for the recognition and development of other cities, such as Berlin or Los Angeles, New York still holds its place as one of the most important and dynamic meeting points on the international art scene.  Inspired by the experience of living in one of the world’s most creative and heterogeneous cultural centres, a city that constantly reinvents itself, the artists selected employ a wide range of artistic practices and processes, using a variety of media ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and video, exploring and analysing the aesthetic, cultural and sociological issues of our age.

The exhibition highlights the heterogeneity of languages employed by the artists chosen: from traditional materials such as oil or acrylic on canvas in the works of Lisa Yuskavage, Ellen Altfest, Rosson Crow, Joe Bradley, Angel Otero and Janaina Tschape we pass to new levels of painting made with non-conventional media such as woollen carpets corroded by acid from Anna Betbeze, broken plexiglass and glass mounted by Jason Gringler on a frame, natural graphite in the works of Teresita Fernandez, and ink and bleach used in Sam Moyer’s canvases.  A section of the exhibition is devoted to photography, both analogue and digital, with works by Anne Collier, Roe Ethridge, Adam Helms, Josephine Meckseper, Sara VanDerBeek, Tamar Halpern and Josh Kolbo.

With: Ellen Altfest, Anna Betbeze, Joe Bradley, Anne Collier, Rosson Crow, Roe Ethridge, Teresita Fernandez, Jason Gringler, Tamar Halpern, Adam Helms, Josh Kolbo, Josephine Meckseper, Sam Moyer, Angel Otero, Janaina Tschape, Sara VanDerBeek and Lisa Yuskavage

Image above: ROSSON CROW, Dining Hall at Ravenna Plantation, 2011 - Acrylic and oil on canvas - 243.8×274.3 cm


Untitled, 2011
Charcoal on rice paper
152.4×91.4 cm


El Dorado, 2011
Oil paint skins collaged on resin-coated canvas
189.23×157.48×7.62 cm


Untitled, 2011
Canvas with bleach and ink on wood panel
152.4×121.9 cm


Bus Driver, 2011
Ultrachrome ink on paper
177.8×129.5 cm


Eclipse Newspaper Blue, 2010
Digital C-print
101.6×43.2 cm