Trouble Rainbow

September 23 – November 26, 2011
Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch Vicolo Sforza Cesarini 3A - Rome

Trouble Rainbow is the first exhibition in Italy of three young artists who are related to Switzerland either by birth or by their cultural background: Claudia Comte, Athene Galiciadis and Melodie Mousset.

The three artists, who have known themselves personally since their study years at the École Cantonale d’Art of Lausanne, and are now based in different cities of the world, have long shared an interest in creating a work that reflects the common aspects of their research, which focuses on forms and colors.

This exhibition, entitled Trouble Rainbow, gives them the opportunity to develop a collective project, especially designed for the gallery spaces. The whole installation is intended as a workshop, in which to compare the working methods and visual procedures arising from the encounter and debate between distinct research personalities. The intervention aims at focusing on harmony and sharing, even as it respects all the different visual languages. Claudia Comte seems to have structured her work according to a binary method: while in painting she is almost obsessed by geometric forms and by the weavings and textures she produces serially, in her sculptures she indulges in the pleasure of supple, soft silhouettes, as if they were already inside the wooden block, which she loves to carve ‘live’, delving into the woods. The procedure of Athene Galiciadis, both in sculpture and in painting, consists in trying to remove the rational element inherent in the creative process, and surrender to gestures and memories. In evoking her favorite iconographic elements (such as triangles, mosaics, fences), she lets herself be guided by the sensations she receives from colors and forms, trying to recompose them according to her personal harmonic relation. Crafted free hand, the geometric webs always take on a soft, wavy appearance. Melodie Mousset divides her research between performance and installation, trying to offer playful, ironic reflections on the notion of identity and self-perception.

The artists designed the gallery space as if a fictional character from their imagination had built it. A habitat, then, into which spectators are invited to enter and interact with the work, letting themselves be captivated by the colors of the mural painting and the forms of the sculptures. Thus reconstructed, the space could almost look like a mysterious cavern, inhabited by a modern hermit with a naturalist’s sensibility, who collects works made of materials such as wood, stone, and paper.

On the opening day, Melodie Mousset will present a gallery performance with artist and choreographer Zachary Sharrin, which she developed parallel to the installation project.

On Thursday, October 6 at 7 p.m., at the Istituto Svizzero di Roma, a new performance by Mousset and Sharrin will take place. On the same occasion, a conversation will be held with the artists and Valentina Sansone, curator at ISR, ending with the presentation of the catalogue Trouble Rainbow (published by Nero, Rome).

The exhibition is sponsored by Rome’s Arts Cuncil and by Centro Storico di Roma Capitale.