Martino Gamper – Condominium

September 22 – October 25, 2011
Galleria Franco Noero – via Giulia di Barolo 16 D – Turin

Italian- born, London-based designer, Mario Gamper’s first solo-exhibit, Condominium, has been launched in Turin at Galleria Franco Noero. Gamper lived in the wedge-shaped 1860 building for six weeks. On each of the nine floors, he worked with 50′s and 70′s furniture he found in Turin. He then took the bed-tables, chairs, and lamps apart, and merged them with mixed media, or reassembled them differently. Gamper tailored the furniture, thus attuning it to the aesthetic desire of each room.

Condominium is a unique project expressly conceived for the gallery’s peculiar spaces and underlines its commitment towards contemporary creative research, overcoming the boundaries between different artistic disciplines.

Martino Gamper’s path is constantly marked by a great spontaneity that permeates all of his projects. These are rooted in a refined and precise knowledge of materials, processes, shapes and aesthetics that characterize the history of Italian design. After the first apprenticeship at a furniture maker in Merano, his native border town, followed then by studies in sculpture with Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wien, Martino Gamper finally entered the design world under the guidance of one of Memphis group’s founders, Matteo Thun. In 1997 he moved to London where he joined the Royal College of Art studying with Ron Arad, and there he later taught from 2004 to 2010.

Gamper tackles the unusual building approaching it in a unique and personal way, conceiving the rooms at the various levels as individual homes owned by as many occupants, a real “condominium”, in which the objects are displayed in the spaces as they were portions of houses, in order to create a total living space. The designer moved to Torino for a month to work on found pieces of furniture (cupboards, tables, night tables, chairs, lamps) which make reference to the middle class style interiors from the Fifties to the Seventies. Gamper builds unique pieces by hybridating the found pieces of furniture, cutting and assembling their parts in new forms, repositioning part of their creative and  material history in a project fully orchestrated by him.

Martino Gamper’s creative process is summarised in the words by Emily King (2009): ‘Martino Gamper makes funny shaped furniture. Amalgams of odd angles, strange protuberances, unlikely surfaces and idiosyncratic features, his pieces perch uncertainly, as if waiting politely for an introduction to life on earth’.





All images:
Martino Gamper, Condominium, 2011
View of the installation of the exhibition at Galleria Franco Noere, 22.09 – 24.10.2011
courtesy Martino Gamper and Galleria Franco Noero