Warpaint for Beck’s Green Box

Warpaint is the name of an all-girl very hot quartet from Los Angeles. They are part of Beck’s Green Box. Here a clip to know something more about them together with an exclusive q&a. Don’t forget to submit your idea for the Beck’s Art Fund at www.becks.com.

What was the first song you remember listening to?
I’m quite sure it was “Oh Yeah” by Yellow. That creepy song from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. I’m sure it’s shaped my musical taste in a some unknown, warped sense.

What piece of music / art do you wish you had written / created?
Good question. I guess I have fantasies of being a visual artist because i have little to no skill in the field. So, any of Max Ernst’s work; especially The Robing Of The Bride.

Whose work / art / music would you recommend we check out?
At the moment, I’m fixated on Flying Lotus’ record “Los Angeles”. Highly recommended.

How do you describe your work?
Personally; I’m a drummer by trade who dabbles in other instruments and enjoys the medium of music production.
As the band Warpaint; it’s hard to pinpoint our sound but we are a musical collective that strives to make music that is honest and full of feeling.

Can you recommend a song that everyone should listen to?
“1 Thing” by Amerie

What have you tried to achieve through your work for the Green Box Project?
Only to dive into a new medium and experiment!

Why did you want to be involved with the Beck’s Art Fund?
The initiative is supportive of upcoming artists and you can never have enough of that opportunity going around.