Benny Chirco – Metodo Moderno

September 24 – December 2 2011
A Palazzo Gallery - Piazza Tebaldo Brusato 35 – Brescia

The nineteenth-century idea of the use of the space is very well illustrated by the prolific number of objects in Benny Chirci’s exhibition Metodo Moderno.  Here every single element hides a centrifugal force that pulls towards the centre of the room where an exotic social power quickly creates a distinct, middle world: the bourgeoisie.

It is a world that offers a number of celebrations and museum reflections. It is also a fertile ground for a focused analysis of our contemporary world. Nowadays, there is no private sphere; everything has become externalized through the webcam, people as well as painting.

How different do we feel from our predecessors and from the distinguished people of past days?

Are we prepared to submit to a belief in acceptance?  How much do we understand of the brutalities and the micro violence of those days, if we cannot even see where the beginning was or believe that there was an end?

“The last male descendant in the genealogical tree, is inexperienced, he can nevertheless be the careful imitator or mindful trouble shooter in an acrobatic unravelling of fragile and sharp objects.  Now, since my generation has been indexed, we find that we are all the children of shampooers and hair dressers”.

Benny Chirco’s  art and poetics  range over painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video and installation. Drawing from modernity and from the deep Italian cultural tradition, furniture, old family and friends’ books, are the raw material that creates his strictly personal, but at the same time universal, artwork.








All images: © Benny Chirco and A Palazzo Gallery