Curating the Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World

29 November 2011
Fondazione Antonio Ratti – Villa Sucota, Via per Cernobbio, 19 – Como

The fifteenth encounter of The most beautiful Kunsthalle in the world takes the shape of a workshop dedicated to probably the most complex and controversial problem of the exhibiting practices of contemporary art, as it will analyze the history, role, and physiognomy of the curator.

For this, the Antonio Ratti Foundation invited nine amongst the most prestigious researchers, thinkers, and curators to discuss three specific aspects of the question in cause: the historicity of the figure of the curator: the origin and transformations of her/his role and function during the second half of the Twentieth century;

The format of the exhibition, or better that of the exhibitions, as we need to think in plural to cross the whole range that goes from the monographic to the thematic show, to the diverse manifestations of the international large exhibitions;

- the plurality of the institutions and the role of the curator within them, from the museum, where the problems of the permanent collection cross those of the exhibition practices; to the contemporary art centres, art galleries and the periodical manifestations that spread on the shadow of the Venetian Biennale.


Introduction: Marco De Michelis/Filipa Ramos

Keynote Speaker: Maria Lind

11:00 – 13:00

1. The canon

Teresa Gleadowe

Bruce Altshuler

Christian Rattemeyer

14:30 – 16:30

2. The exhibition

Jens Hoffmann

Celine Condorelli

Raimundas Malašauskas

17:00 – 18:30

3. The institutions

Chus MartÌnez

Dirk Snauwaert

The most beautiful Kunsthalle in the world is a project conceived by Fondazione Antonio Ratti together with the Camera di Commercio di Como (in the ambit of the initiative Laboratorio) with the collaboration of the Graduate Program in Visual and Performing Arts (Clasav) of the University IUAV of Venice and of the Centro ASK (Art, Science, Knowledge) of the University Bocconi of Milan, with the aim to elaborate an original programme for a future Centre of Contemporary Arts in Como.

Laboratorio Como is a project of the Camera di Commercio, developed within the last years, which represents a moment of research and analysis of the multiple connections that unify economic growth, innovation, urban development, culture, creativity, evaluating the role that Como and its territory can play in the current general context.

The entire project is under the scientific responsibility of the Director of the Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Marco De Michelis, with the general coordination of Filipa Ramos.