Jandek performance and an exhibition – Motelsalieri


February  19 – February 23, 2012

Opening day Sunday February  19 – 18.00

Motelsalieri – via Giovanni Lanza, 162 – Rome

Who is Jandek, the artist? Nothing was known for quite a long time. There were moments one even doubted his existence. He releases albums through his own record label Corwood Industries and is seen as an atypical folk and blues singer producing a long series of recordings, taking care of all the writing, composing, singing and the art on the covers.

Many of his albums feature pictures of a certain man at various ages; although it seemed likely, it was not until Jandek’s live debut in 2004 that it became certain that the man depicted on the album covers was the principal performer.

That is where he appears in October 2004 when he performed live at the Instal 04 music festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

Jandek now often performs live with other musicians, but these collaborations remain the extent of his engagement with the public. A choice of the photographs of his LP covers will be shown at Motelsalieri. Selected and printed from their original negatives by Jandek himself there are 5 copies of a series of 7 pictures.