Marie Lorenz – Archipelago


March 07 – March 31, 2012

Jack Hanley Gallery,  136 Watts Street – New York

Since 2002, Marie Lorenz has been exploring the waterways of New York City in boats that she designs and builds. She studies tidal charts of the harbor and uses the current to push the boat. From this unusual perspective, things encountered every day take on a new significance. Additionally, Lorenz believes that the act of floating has an impact on observation. The viewer maintains an awareness of their balance and form as they absorb the details in their surrounding. This kind of observation creates something new out of something familiar. These projects are an attempt to ‘un-know’ the metropolis by continually exploring it.

Recently, Lorenz began collecting objects that she finds around the harbor, making record of them in different ways: printing, casting, and making videos. “When the water rises during a storm and pulls objects into the harbor,” Lorenz writes, “the tide acts like a giant centrifuge, reorganizing things according to their shape and density. I collect and record the objects as another way to collaborate with the tide. I want to preserve the mystery of each discovery, like beachcombing, or finding a hidden treasure.”

This show is made up of three videos, each projected alongside objects collected from the beaches around the city. Each video was shot from an apparatus connected to Lorenz’ boat or to herself. One video is focused on the horizon, one on the artist, and one on the shifting contours of the waterline. The three vantage points offer different perspectives of the same trip, a kind of dérive from Barren Island to a canal near the artist’s house in Bushwick. On the way home, she passes by Manhattan, gets caught in the wake of a passing ferry, and is stopped by the police, all while continuing to sort through the detritus that lines the coast. While following the same geographic path, the videos are never quite the same, drifting away from each other like an out of body experience. Taken together, they are an invitation to explore.

Marie Lorenz received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1995 and an MFA from Yale University in 2002. Lorenz hasshown nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York, Art pace in Texas, Locust Projects in Miami, Ikon Gallery in England, and at the Kunstlerhaus in Bremen, Germany. Lorenz was a recipient of the 2008 Joseph H. Hazen Rome Prize for a residency at the American Academy in Rome. In 2009, she was appointed Assistant Professor at the YaleSchool of Art. The exhibition is part of her ongoing performance, The Tide and Current Taxi.