Mark Jenkins – Living Layers

March 17 – April 26 2012

Wunderkammern - Via Gabrio Serbelloni, 124 – Rome

Living Layers sets off from the need to explore the depth of the territory and to read its cultural heritage, it Living Heritage (UNESCO 2003) composed of those practices, representations, expressions, learning and knowledge that the community recognises as part of its own living cultural heritage.

Starting in February 2012, the artist Mark Jenkins will work in Rome interpreting Living Layers through his innovative artistic interventions that will create a mature consciousness towards contemporary art and the capacity to interpret reality and the current world. The result of his research will be presented in Wunderkammern Gallery on the 17th of March at 6.30pm.

Through his work, the artist means to trigger a reaction which is foreign to the conventional actions and uniformity of common behaviour, which is unfamiliar yet personal, both from a perceptual and emotional point of view. Urban theatrical sets to interpret the Living cultural Heritage of Rome. Temporary installations with a bewilderment and surprising effect.

Born in 1970 in Washington DC, Mark Jenkins is internationally known for his unearthly sculptures which have peopled cities throughout the world. An urban stage which hits the passer-by. Sculptures placed in uncommon situations and positions, embedded into the space of everyday life create a surreal and enigmatic landscape. His work has been exhibited from New York to Barcelona, from Tokyo to Moscow, and shown by the Carmichael Gallery (Los Angeles) and Lazarides Gallery (London). He collaborated with Greenpeace in 2008 and curated the festival Les Grandes Traversees in Bordeaux in 2010.

During the opening at Wunderkammern, his first catalogue “ The Urban Theatre “ will be presented and it will be signed by the artist.

Living Layers is a long-term project curated by Wunderkammern that seeks to stimulate interpretations of the territory and its Living Heritage by means of contemporary art. The Living Layers project, which began in 2010 in collaboration with the MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma – with the young artists Alexander Hamilton Auriema and Valentina Vetturi co-ordinated by Cesare Pietroiusti, involves artists stemming from differing realms of research, proposing transversal and previously un-exhibited interactions in urban public space.

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