Micheal Sailstorfer – Solarkatze


March 15 – April 14 2012

Galleria Zero – via Tadino 20 – Milan

By investigating the world with curiosity and an inquisitive gaze, the artist transforms ordinary objects taken from everyday life into sculptural works, whose formal qualities nevertheless leave room for fiction. Irony and melancholy, playfulness and aggressiveness mingle in the different works, often resulting in real characters drawn from the personal experience of the artist.

The relationship between sculpture, space and the public is one of the recurring themes in Sailstorfer’s research. The position of the objects and their ability to trascend their own physical size by expanding in the surrounding space create what the artist defines as “expanded sculpture”. In a constant balance between attraction and repulsion, the viewer is encouraged to relate personally with the situations he creates.Moving into the first room the viewer finds the installation “Cumulus”, whose contemplation is disturbed by a monotonous humming noise coming from a speaker positioned on the floor. Only by entering the second room the viewer finds out that the source of this drone is a microphone recording the movement of a fan belonging to the existing space. In this  site-specific installation, the sound thus materializes  itself, transformed into a workable, plastic material.

The projection “Lohma” depicts a corrugated-iron building, expanding and contracting as to evoke a slow and steady breath. This movement is reinforced by a strong noise, which seems to animate the house. The short loop records in fact the seconds right before the destruction of the building due to the explosives placed inside by the artist. The aggressivenes of such gesture, however, remains only latent, as this imminent destruction is merely hinted but never reaches its actual fulfillment.

If the three works investigate the possibilities given by the instability of form, the feeling that one gets in front of “Solarkatze” the sculpture that gives the exhibition its title, is different. Here the artist encourages the viewer to focus his attention on the cat, which not without irony contemplates the light coming from the ceiling. A way to set the stillness of this odd character against the noise and the sense of movement caused by the other works.

Image above: Micheal Sailstorfer - Lohma (detail), 200816 mm film, sound - 5′ loop


Cumulus (detail), 2012

Inner tubes, steel, metal, motor


Cumulus, 2012

Inner tubes, steel, metal, motor


Solarkatze, 2008-2012

Stuffed cat

40 x 57 x 12 cm, 348 x 50 x 30 cm


Solarkatze (detail) 2008-2012

Stuffed cat

40 x 57 x 12 cm, 348 x 50 x 30 cm


Hoher besuch, Ushuaia, 2009

ceiling fan, microphone, loud speaker


Micheal Sailstorfer

Hoher besuch, Ushuaia (detail) 2009

ceiling fan, microphone, loud speaker


Lohma, 2008

16 mm film, sound

5′ loop