Three Days of Struggle – V.A.


18 May – 20 may 2012

CODALUNGA, Via Martiri 20, 31029, Vittorio Veneto

Designed in 2008, the festival which is held every year, makes the diversity between the various editions of its identity. Without annually timing, in different places and ways the Three Days of Struggle is rather in the visual and sound research and constant interaction with Vittorio Veneto, the city where the festival cannot be separated, their structure and reason for being.

This year the festival has invited Wolf Eyes as the only headliner for each of the three evenings. The trio made up of Mike Young, John Olson, Nate Young is undoubtedly the most influential group of the world-noise scene today; by being able to masterfully create an alchemy of what was once the first wave of the 1970s dark/wave era represented by Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide, which was stripped completely from the hood of depression, and energy and momentum of the punk scene of the 1990s of Dead Kennedys, Negation and Negative Approach. What emerges is a hybrid that if you have not yet listened at the dawn of 2012 you might as well not even come. Three days of Struggle are also extremely proud that Mike, John and Nate have accepted their proposal to play with their solo projects: Failing Lights, Henry & Hazel Slaughter and Regression in which emerge the individual and disparate passions resulting in sounds ranging from techno rhythms effective ideal soundtracks to horror movies through the European minimalism. The festival are also pleased to have with them one of the best black metal bands around: the Inquisition, which is their only Italian date. Their last album Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrosm consecrated them as absolute masters of the genre, making their live performances a legendary experience.

The first day to open the dances will be the hypnotic wave composed of analog keyboards and drum machines of economic Opium Child drawing directly from NERO in Rome. To follow, the convulsive rhythms and mannerisms of academic composer Enrico Malatesta from Cesena preserved Observatory. The computer music, which is strongly influenced by the tradition of the 1980s from the furious Lorenzo Senni, is able to combine the 2 proposals together which are worlds apart from each other. To close the first day will be the DJ set by Mark Samore directly from fiery dance floor of Tesco. Romagna Italo Disco. The second day is provided by a trio capable of making even the elderly from the osterias of Codalunga dance.  Dracula Lewis (best known for his awesome cover of the Germs and the rhythmic oblique), Ninos Du Brasil (known to most for their noise and samba-rythmn) and Palm Wine (best known for his passion for the most underrated djs around the world …. and the resulting rhythmic oblique).

The third and final day sees alternating onstage Hiroshima Rocks Around (authors of the wildest and acid rock in Italy), Team Omega (ensemble of one of the best reinterpretations of kraut rock with a modern attitude) and Matt Bordin (member of Mojomatics and Omega same team that, despite his young age, has a deep knowledge of blues and country from not less than fifty years ago).

During the days of the festival will open, 1812 (Archive Works # 06), a show by the artist Carlos Casas which consists of a video loop of 40 minutes based on a visual reworking of the classic films of Russian director S. Bondarchuk’s 196’7: War and Peace. The exhibition will be held at the Church of St. Lorenzo not far from the beaten codalunga. in the heart of Serravalle, historic old town of Vittorio Veneto The fifth edition of the Three Days Of Struggle is curated by Nico Vascellari and Matthew Castro and dedicated to our friend Giorgio Mortari.