May 25 – 27, 2012

MACRO Testaccio (ex Mattatoio) - Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4- Rome

Free entry

NERO is pleased to announce  ROMA CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SHOWS, a music program organized on the occasion of the fifth edition of the contemporary art fair of Rome. During the evenings of Friday and Saturday some of the most remarkable Italian and international emerging musicians will perform various live acts and DJ sets. Although different from one another, these artists are all characterized by a common sensibility that crosses experimental music with visual arts. This cross-arts scene has been chosen bearing particular attention to the Italian context, which is indeed very much alive today and also renown overseas, but still almost unknown in its own country.

FRIDAY 25 MAY 2012 h. 21 – 01.00 Palm Wine (dj set) Heroin in Tahiti Nils Bech Fergadelic (dj set)

+  (after party) BUNDA BAR @ Rashomon Club

h. 01.00 – 06.00

DJ Iron Bunda (dj set)

Palm Wine (heavy set)

El Pantera 2.0 (dj set)

Mucho Macho (dj set)

SATURDAY 26 MAY 2012 h. 21 – 01.00 Rombi (dj set) Dracula Lewis Lorenzo Senni AIDS 3d (dj set)


Palm Wine (ITA) is the new project of Simone Bertuzzi, who is better known for his work in the field of visual arts. In 2003 he co-founded the collective Invernomuto – one of the few projects in Italy, which has managed to work in a coherent and innovative way on the border between contemporary art and experimental music. That of Palm Wine is a distant look on the movements of sound and contemporary imagination. His musical investigations have no precise route and travel between past and present, drawing on different cultures, creating unexpected connections and surreal hypotheses.

Heroin In Tahiti (ITA) is a duo from Rome, which comprises Valerio Mattioli (AAVV Videos, Thetlvmth) and Francesco De Figueiredo (Opium Child), both part of the scene that has been described as “Borgata Boredom” – an artistic and music community based in the east of Rome. Their music – made of guitars, analog-synths, drum machines and pedals effects – suggests instances of the classic Italian “spaghetti sound”, but is revised in a dark and paranoid version, which they themselves have named “spaghetti wasteland”.

Nils Bech (NOR) is a Norwegian musician and performance artist. His performances are timeless: Nils is a romantic and intelligent vocalist that can hardly be inscribed to any specific musical patterns. He has performed often in artistic contexts, has collaborated with artists such as Ida Ekblad and Oscar Tuazon, and his approach to performance moves fluently amongst dance, drama and performance art.

Fergadelic (UK) is one of the most eclectic and prolific London based artists. Musician, tattoo artist, designer and performer with groups such as Chrome Hoof, 5 Mic Cluster, and Die Verboten (along with 2ManyDjs), Fergus draws inspiration from people, music, food, movies, books and the work of artists such as Magritte Jack Kirkby, Moebius, Richard Corben, Mike McMahon and EYE. All this comes to light in his DJ-sets, amongst a mixture of cosmic sounds, Balearics rhythms, exotic atmospheres and kraut-rock.

Rombi (ITA) are a musical duo formed in 1998, comprising Nicola Pecoraro and Matteo Nasini, both visual artists. Over the years their performances have been sporadic and always different, thus contributing to create what might be a kind of mysterious instance in the Roman music scene. Their music is characterized by a sort of polyrhythmic gait obtained by an atypical use of sampling. In this particular occasion they will introduce a hybrid DJ set, inspired by Italian folk music and by the film Dune (1984).

Dracula Lewis (ITA) is the musical brainchild of Simone Trabucchi, one of the half of Invernomuto and founder of Hundebiss Records – one of the most interesting experiments in production and promotion of contemporary music in Italy. His sound is both aggressive and ethereal: a deep electro that switches on horror themes, drones and psychedelic retro.

Lorenzo Senni (ITA) is a young Italian artist and composer of electronic music that lives and works in Milan. He is the founder of Presto!?, one of the most interesting Italian music labels. He has performed around Europe, Scandinavia and Japan, and has participated in numerous international festivals. His performance for the night will be an atypical one: a long build-up of trance music phrases; a single long piece of music where sounds follow and entangle each other in a series of aesthetic and symbolic suggestions often recurrent in his work.

Keller / Kosmas (Aids-3d) (USA) is a multimedia artist duo, which ranks among the most internationally active and renown of all. Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas use very different means of expression, but their work often focuses on the use of new technologies, sprawling from the world of the web to that of immersive environments. Their approach for both visual arts and music is at the same time visionary, poetic and disturbing. For Roma Contemporary they will showcase a set inspired by 90’s atmospheres.