Teoria Del Valore – V.A

June 11 -  July 27,  2012

CO2 Gallery - Via piave 66 -  Rome

What’s the value of a contemporary artwork? Which properties define its artistic value compared to a common object?

CO2 is pleased to present Teoria del valore (Theory of value), a project involving seven artists and seven historical workshops in Rome in a provocative “goods” exchanging.

Marcel Duchamp had already raised the issue of a work of art in the contemporary age. Indeed, he refused the production context that linked art creations to the market in his ready made, opening room for the thorny issue regarding today’s extended reflection to how we conceive boundaries between what is and what is not art.

Teoria del valore wants to focus on the actual perception of contemporary art, its context and the ambiguity of its meaning. The visitor will be free to relating to artworks and objects detached from their traditional destination to questioning about the relationship between the artist’s works and the place where you will have to interact in a program that rewrites the value of the artwork as a pure mental fact or appearance.

The artworks by David Casini, Stanislao Di Giugno, Ettore Favini, Francesco Fonassi, Ma Liang, Giovanni Oberti, Gianni Politi are linked to everyday use-objects in a path that from the gallery will wind through the streets of the historical center of Rome and will be revealed by a map available to buy for an unfixed prize.


Giovanni Oberti

Untitled 100 lire


White Memory


Ettore Favini

Alcuni uomini scrivono la storia, altri la leggono

recycled paper travertine marble base

44 x 31cm