Open Doors_Corruptions


Thursday June 21, 2012

h. 6.00-00.00 pm

Istituto Svizzero di Roma – Via Ludovisi 48Rome


Laura Binz • Grégoire Extermann • Laurent Faulon • Damaris Gehr • Sabine Gisin • Marcel Henry • Pascal Janovjak • Luc Mattenberger • Matteo Nasini • Federico Proietti • Delphine Reist • Daniela Ruppen • Marcel Saegesser & Cyrill Lim • Camille Semenzato • Ariane Varela Braga • Anna Vyazemtseva • Delphine Wehrli


Awesome Tapes From Africa • Mike Cooper • dj Balli (Sonic Belligeranza)

The concluding end-of-year project of the members of the Swiss Institute of Rome 2012 this year is curated by NERO and, from an idea shared by the members of the Arts and Sciences divisions, gets the title Corruptions.

Corruptions is an exhibition, a book and a series of artistic and musical performances that take place during one day only, on 21 June 2012, from 6.00 p.m. to midnight. The various parts, in permeating one another in turn, become modified and loose some of their traditional characteristics, taking on a unitary form that is more similar to a happening than to a traditional exhibition. In the classical sense, the idea of corruption is present in every physical manifestation: the material world is the corrupted version of the spiritual world. According to a structural vision instead, corruption is loss, decay, almost always in the form of non reversible change, of something in the act of a passage. An object or a thought change because of a shift, physical or intellectual one, from one point to another.In the exhibition the idea of corruption is interpreted as the transmission and transformation of a creative idea. The works, created especially for the exhibition by Laurent Faulon, Sabine Gisin, Pascal Janovjak, Luc Mattenberger, Delphine Reist, Marcel Saegesser & Cyrill Lim, will be presented in environments that are adjoining and connecting. Some of the works will communicate with each other, transforming and corrupting in turn, thus defining specific forms of collaboration and overlapping. Others will have a more autonomous life, in which, however transformation and change are part of the work itself.

The book instead takes its cue from an idea of the writer Pascal Janovjak and of the art historian Grégoire Extermann and involves all the members of the ISR together with some external contributions. Divided into two chapters, the book is based on two transmission cycles that begin from an architectural idea in the first case and an image of a fresco painting in the other. This beginning message is passed from one person to another and transmitted – one in the form of a text, another in the form of an image – through a linear chain. The starting point will therefore be transformed and corrupted in an irreversible way. Via the book, the reader will be able to retrace the time passage of content and formal transformation of the object identified at the beginning.

During the opening hours of the exhibition it will also be possible to take part in and visit the Draftmen’s Congress, the project conceived by Pawel Althamer on the occasion of the Solidarity Action promoted by The Swiss Institute of Rome in the context of the 7th Berlin Biennale.

Artist and scientist members of the ISR 2011/12:

Laura Binz, Damaris Gehr, Sabine Gisin, Pascal Janovjak, Marcel Henry, Luc Mattenberger, Delphine Reist, Daniela Ruppen, Marcel Saegesser, Delphine Wehrli.