NERO presentation at PrintRoom – Rotterdam


June 30 2012 – h.7.00 – 10.00 pm

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

This saturday NERO will be hosted by PrintRoom in Rotterdam. We will talk about our publishing activity from the beginning till now and about the other works that we make as cultural promotors in Italy.

PrintRoom is a presentation space and shop dedicated to artists’ publications based in Rotterdam. Operating as an independent platform for artists, designers and small publishers from all over the globe we explore and present the various positions possible within the field of artists’ publications. We follow new developments, discuss, collect and invite people for talks and presentations. All this we share with a broad audience. PrintRoom started out in 2003 as a travelling and growing collection of artists’ publications. It has now a home base from which it will keep on travelling and meet new audiences and contributors. The collection comprises of various material: from lusciously designed, full colour publications to simply photocopied zines, but all is tied by the fact that publishing is used as an art strategy, autonomously and artistically.

The event will also include the launch of the 3D flipbook by Han Hoogerbrugge titled ‘Run Motherfucker Dance’, commissioned by the young publishing project SO-AND-SO (Nello Russo & Anna Follo) and The Green Box. Like in Marcel Duchamp’s eponymous boîte verte, in which he reproduced his works for a wider audience as an edition, The Green Box strives to translate works of art into the medium of the book, so that the distinction between the works and their documentation becomes blurred. Presentation of Maarten Janssen’s One Euro, Unfold #2 and other recent publications by The Green Box.