Palermo Felicissima


October 1 – December 31 – 2012

Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai -  China

PALERMO FELICISSIMA is the name picked up by the curators Laura Barreca and Davide Quadrio for the Italian pavilion, name taken from the homonymous text dedicated to the cultural and monumental heritage of Palermo, wrote in 1932 by the Sicilian historian Nino Basile. Italy will be represented by Palermo within the 9th Shanghai Biennial in China. As described by the eleven Italian and International artists: Massimo Bartolini, Pina Bausch, Vanessa Beecroft, Manfredi Beninati, Emma Dante, Formafantasma, Stefania Galegati Shines, Guo Hongwei, Lee Kit, Laboratorio Saccardi, Francesco Simeti it will be a PALERMO FELICISSIMA with works ranging from drawings and performances to videos and sculptures.The Shanghai Biennial (01st October 2012 – 31st December 2012) is curated this year  by Qiu Zhijie with Boris Efimovich Groys, Jens Hoffmann and Johnson Chang Tsong-zung.

Curators along with the main exhibition set up in the former Nanshi Power Plant, scheduled to become the local Contemporary Art Museum, have decided to represent other Nations through the portraits of some cities linked to the “Reactivation” Biennial theme and to the city of Shanghai.

The section of City Pavilion, organized by Davide Quadrio with Francesca Girelli and Huang Mi, includes not only big cities but also small cities less known namely Mumbai, Teheran, Moscow, Vancouver, Lyon. Palermo is the only one for Italy.

An exhibition that defines the contemporary image of Palermo, a sort of a reconstruction of the avant-garde spirit that made the city famous in the 20th century. Bombed, degraded, abandoned, Palermo rediscovers itself as a free city able to catch not only tourists but artists deciding to move in as well.

Image Above: Francesco Simeti, Untitled 2012, wallpaper and screen, installation view


Emma Dante

mPalermu, 2001

DVD proiezione video



Moulding Tradition, 2009


Manfredi Beninati

The sun goes dim while the house lights up, 2012

drywall, furniture, curtains, mirrors, wall sconces

2,49 x 2,49 x 5,50 m


Massimo Bartolini

Starless, 2011

lights, lighting console

500x500x30 cm


Stefania Galegati Shines

Greetings from Palermo,2012