The sparrow is immortal money is piss Michele Manfellotto

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Thursday,  6th September from 07.00 pm

MACRO Testaccio – piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4 – Roma

On the occasion of the finissage of Re-generation, the new film by Michele Manfellotto the sparrow is immortal money is piss —a video inspired by a poem by Victor Cavallo, actor and writer Roman became popular in the seventies and died in 2000—  will be screened.

Over time, he cut, reassembled, sometimes rewritten, using the technique of cut-up, some of the original texts of Victor Cavallo taken by the anthology posthumous Ecchime (2003, Alternative Press), thus giving life to a new narrative, which communicates with that by means of a system of cultural equivalences.

This new score is the subject of the video the sparrow is immortal piss money is composed by fiction material  and movies in real life, where the staging and the diary are confused and declare their essential identity.

The protagonist is therefore Victor Cavallo, author of the original text, interpreted by the artist and transported in this way in a real biographical dimension, transfigured through the game of make-believe. The very nature of the work, linked hand in glove with the conduct of an activity diary genre, is that of an unfinished fragment of a long open to alterations and continuations.