Giostrick and The Puzzle Family

17 September 2012


September 25, 2012

from 6:00 to 10:00 pm

Gallery Doppelgaenger -  via Verrone 8, Bari

Giostrick and the Family Puzzle is an engaging, interactive performance extravaganza, which aims to create a curious game in which works of art are emancipating organically one from another, investigating senses and spaces in artistic imagination.

From the musical matrix to the exploration of image and movement, the path created by Giostrick aims to shed the light on the instinctive creativity of the artist, simultaneously subject and object of the the action. Theatre, music, cinema, drawing and sculpture are playfully balanced together, instilling in the viewer the ludic imagination of the group. The exhibition includes 22 collages, mobile shapes on a magnetic wall , videos, along with wooden sculptures and Giostrick’s game boxes. The one night only performance will showcase also special guests: A dinamic installation entitled Ecaciclo 2012, made with neon lights and 100 bicycle wheels, from the renown artist Daniela Corbascio, from Puglia (,will welcome and lead you to the heart of the show. Roberto Corradino – renown actor and author of the new experimental theater ( – will be entrusted with the task of introducing the viewer into the visionary world of Giostrick and The Puzzle Family, declaiming their artistic manifesto. The renown actress Giorgia Cardaci will cooperate to the theatrical direction of the show.

The show will be for one night only and  works will be on display and open to the public through October 5th, 2012. Featuring also Giostrick and The Puzzle family’s first draft; the video Kant Control. Giostrick: Lionel Rothschild, The Puzzle Family: Samantha Otto, Veronica Botticelli, Anita Peretti, Ciccio Accardo, Marino

Melarangelo, Alexandre Thiery, Christian Perthen, Lionel Rothschild.


Installation view


Installation view