Alfred Boman – Shadow of the Colossus

September  20 -  November  3,  2012
fluxia – via giovanni ventura 6 – Milan

In Shadow of the Colossus the artist presents a new series of abstract paintings on wood and canvas, together with two iron sculptures and outdoor installations conceived for the  Fluxia gallery’ s  terraces. The  rise  of  digital  and  virtual  imaging  had  high  impact  on  our  relation  to  images  and  image-making, af fecting our perceptive and cognitive mechanisms of meaning attribution. As a result, the boundary between what is recognized as true or false, actual or fictitious, real or virtual is an incredibly fluid and flexible matter.
Alfred  Boman’ s  practice  draw  a  reflection  on  the  actual  limits  and  possibili ties  for  painting on  the  edge  of  these  paradoxes. The  canvases  are  created  through  a  process  of  layering,  each   level  of  composition serving both as a mask and a revelator. An abstract, magmatic background is the starting point on which a new level is developed, simultaneously hiding and re-shaping the former one  in  a  constant  and  mutual  delimitation. Framing is conceived as a fundamental aspect of any composition, while meaning remains a  partial,  ephemeral  facet  of  the  overlapping  process. In  a  similar  way,  Boman’ s  sculptures  function  in  the  space  as  framing  device  for  the paintings,  demanding  a  further  shift  of  perspective  and  scale.
The  thin,  painted  iron  structures  are  a  concretization  of  the  p aintings’  graphic  patterns, tangible  elements  that  blur  and  expand  the  boundaries  between  real  and  virtual  space. The wall-mounted painted iron grids, on the other hand, are capable to reduce the friction between  object  and  image  to  the  minimum  terms,  resembling  semantic  skeletons. The  last  work  in  the  exhibition  is  a  sculpture  of  an  oversized  pair  of  eyeglasses  installed
on  the  side  terrace.  V isible  only  through  the  gallery’ s  windows,  it  remains,  in  a  symbolical and  humourus  way,  out  of  reach.

Alfred Boman was born in 1981 in Luleå, Sweden. He studied  Art History at the Gothenburg University, Sweden, before attending the Städelschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt, Germany.
Among his recent exhibitions : Nobody knows you’re a dog, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar, Sweden; Kärlekens språk, Konstakademin Stockholm, Sweden (duo with Karl Norin); Rundgang, final exhibition at Städelschule Frankfurt, Germany; Post  war and contemporary, Grimm museum, Berlin, Germany; 100%  fuel, Flipp project space, Naples, Italy (duo with Hannes Michaneck); My moron  child how have  I angered you?, Fluxia, Milan, Italy; SenOren, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view