Marta Mancini – Abita


Marta Mancini, S.t. (“L’isola”), 2012, acrylic on canvas, 40×50 cm

The exhibition will display a series of paintings of recent realization, executed through the technique of acrylic  on canvas, all medium-sized except a big-format one that will be exhibited in the project room of the gallery. As Pericle Guaglianone writes: “Marta Mancini visions-insterventions portray environmental situations with a cinematic, out of time trait, in which a “folk-tronic” idea of re-writing takes shape  in exquisitely pictorial terms”.  With “abita”, Marta Mancini presents herself to a vast public for the first time; the works exhibited give account of her pictorial talent, of the system of references that constitute the backbone of each single work, and at the same time, of the freshness of her approach, that, through the enhancement of medium and technique, operates un original re-elaboration of the formal cues inspiring her works. From the about ten canvases of “abita”, some of the peculiarities of the artist emerge, like her great creativity in the production of colours and the modalities in which she constructs the  image  through chromatisms,  that  lead to the  incorporation of the  graphic medium into the pictorial one (as the artist said: “in this  case I didn’t draw before. the drawing is underneath”). Choosing to exhibit works that are omogeneous in technique and dimension and without any particular setting, we aimed to create a space where paintings  taken  for  themselves  can  establish  a  filterless  communication  with viewers, enriching  them ex-post  with the  critical  framework  provided  by Pericle Guaglianone. The exhibition wants to be representative of the activity and research that Marta Mancini has conducted until now and, at the same time, poses itself as a starting point for a  new working cycle, in which the confrontation with the gallery environment, with the collectors, together with the augmented visibility towards art professionals, will inevitably influence her production. On the other hand, Galleria S.A.L.E.S., two years after Nicola Pecoraro show “The Wandering”, decided to house once again works by a young Roman artist, in an attempt to describe the current stirring  and the  level of quality reached  by the  new generation  of artists  that populate the urban panorama.
October 9 – November 24, 2012
Galleria s.a.l.e.s
. – via dei Querceti 4/5 – Rome


Installation view



Marta Mancini, S.t. (“Il leone”), 2012, acrylic on cavas, 50×40 cm



Marta Mancini, S.t. (“La casa”), 2011, acrylic on cavas, 110×130 cm