Openings Out to Reality – Units beyond measure. A currency for San Lorenzo

Openings out to reality continues along the series of actions in reality begun with the Solidarity Actions done in collaboration with 7th Berlin Biennial, which raised  issues regarding the role of art and artists inside concrete reality.
Various subjects —artists, scholars, people  engaged in practices of various natures- have been invited to identify cases, to activate a process in precise places, with the aim of creating visible effects. In other words, the idea is to test the potential of art and to make it available for everyday life: to open out to a reality that to an ever greater extent goes beyond  the narrative capacities of our time.

Units beyond measure
The tools with which to measure cognitive, productive and social experience of our time have gone haywire, like a compass that no longer indicates points of reference. Contemporary existence depends more and more on knowledge, on forms of cooperation and sharing of know-how, and it can no longer be organized in terms of the time of labor or the simple material entity of what is produced. is is why the new unit of measure necessarily has to be invented inside a new perspective: we need a unit beyond measure to challenge the  empty  proportions  and classical  scales  of values  of the  present.  e  boundless,  disproportionate, excessive character of art allows us to grasp the present, to precisely record the inadequacy and impotence of current values, and to transform reality.

A currency for San Lorenzo
With Unit beyond measure. A currency for San Lorenzo a path begins, towards the issuing of a true local currency, through a series of different phases: the study of the economy and the territory; identification of new collective needs; analysis of previous experiments with local currencies in other cultural and social contexts; the use of art and its boundlessness to imagine new formal models for concrete application in the real world.
The project of a local currency will be based on the experience of Nuovo Cinema Palazzo, the social fabric of San Lorenzo in Rome, and of all those who by occupying have transformed an act of resistance into a “place of the possible”.
e expression of this potential makes the contribution of the many artists who in recent years have used currency as the focus of their creativity meaningful and fertile. With Openings Out to Reality the Swiss Institute of Rome  sets out to support this research, to encourage the presence of art in this specific case and place, and to test the eficacy of the creative process on reality.

Friday 30 November 2012 – 6.00 pm
Istituto Svizzero - Roma – Via Ludovisi 48


Da Solidarity Actions a Openings
Christoph Riedweg, Direttore Istituto Svizzero di Roma
Salvatore Lacagnina, Head of Arts Programme, ISR

Una moneta per San Lorenzo
Il valore sociale della moneta
Andrea Fumagalli, Economista, Milano
San Lorenzo quartiere aperto
Nuovo Cinema Palazzo

Unità di dismisura
Annette Amberg
Nuri Koerfer
Daniel Knorr