This year marks the fifth edition of the long sound event, which has been assigned to American sound and visual artist John Duncan and Swiss visual artist Ursula Scherrer. The two will be presenting Narcomantic, an immersive concert with multi-projections. Thanks to the participation of video artist Ursula Scherrer, Narcomantic proposes for the first time an audio-visual modulation which has been experimented during Sogno d’Insonnia, a workshop on sound and dream manipulation held by John Duncan at the Ratti Foundation in February 2012.
Narcomantic intends to subvert the limits of an area of semi-conscience, situated between insomnia and hypnosis, and opens a gateway at that limit where somnambulism and other channelings  tend to phase the night into an intermediate space. Stimuli which oscillate between pure noise and a calm, soothing music, hissing sounds, high frequencies, and also verbal suggestions, whispered words. A sound environment which at times leans towards hyper-stimulation, in a strange alternation between tension and oneiric imagination.

Hypnomachia is music which unravels through the duration of an entire night, in symbiosis with the secret rhythm of the slipping of attention. Sounds entwined into the Möbius strip, flowing between sleep and awakening; radio wave streams transmitted from the past to the unmistakable sound of the breaking up of conscience and of night. (Bring your sleeping bag: it’s a sleep-concert).

Narcomantic will also be simultaneously presented in Rome at the NERO headquarters.  Transmitted in live streaming from 11 pm up until dawn, the hypnotic sounds of John Duncan will guide the “night watchers” through an immersion of a second sleep-concert which will bring the audience of the two places, Raum and NERO, together in one single experience, similar to a collective ritual. In the morning, a series of concerts and musical selections (curated by artists which will have spent the night together in the office) will accompany the audience through Sunday afternoon.

John Duncan is an American – though stateless and guest to many states (including the Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland) – visual and sound artist whose experience sometimes coincides with but also transcends sound-art. Events, concerts and installations of his have been presented at the Färgfabriken, Fylkingen; Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm; Noorlands Operan, Umeå; Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como; Palazzo Appiani/PX2, Piombino; IPCA Ecomuseum per Eco e Narciso, Torino; Teatro Piccolo Jovinelli, Roma; Netmage festival, Bologna; The Atlantic Waves festival, London, MUTEK, Montreal; The Compound, San Francisco; Watari Museum of Art, Tokyo. Important international museums such as the Getty Center, The Box and the MOCA, Los Angeles;  Osterreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst (MAK), Vienna; Museu d’Arte Contemporani, Barcelona (MACBA); Museum of Tokyo (MOT) have hosted his performances.

Ursula Scherrer is a Swiss visual artist, choreographer and dancer based in New York. Her multi-screen video installations have been presented in places such as the Baryschnikov Art Center, Experumental Intermedia and the Chelsea Art Museum, New York; Issue Project Room, Brooklyn MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge; The LAB, San Francisco; ZKM, Karlsruhe; Galerie Haferkamp, Cologne; New European Media Art, Halle; Dissonanze Festival, Rome; Pointe Jaune Museum, St. Gallen and Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich. She has collaborated in her videos with Valerio Tricoli, Michael J. Schumacher, Liz Gerring, Inoue Tetsuo, Shelley Hirsch, Michelle Nagai, Marina Rosenfeld, Flo Kaufmann, Anne Wellmer, Monya Pletsch, Hideki Kato and Katherine Liberovskaya, with whom she co-curated the OptoSonic Tea show which also included Caspar Stracke, Luke Dubois, LoVid, Jennifer Reeves, Leah Singer, Kurt Ralske, Janine Higgins, Kurt Hentschlager, Angie Eng, Ikue Mori, Andy Guhl, Phill Niblock, Domenico Sciajno, Bradley Eros, Lary Seven and Sandra Gibson. She has studied dance with Merce Cunningham and she has danced with the Doris Humphrey Repertory Company.

With the kind support of Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Bologna, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri/GECO2, Edizioni Zero, NERO, Città del Capo-Radio Metropolitana.


Saturday December 1 from 11 pm to 6 am
Raum – Via Ca’ Selvatica 4/ d Bologna