Zzz. Narcomantic replayed and echoed from the NERO hq

30 November 2012

Hypnomachia is the name of the sound event which has been taking place for the past five years at Raum, Bologna, outpost and laboratory of Xing, an independent network, founded in 2000, committed to the production, realization and promotion of various multidisciplinary projects, many of which stand out for a special attention in confronting the issues related to the reception of the arts as autonomous languages.

Xing has entrusted the fifth edition of Hypnomachia to John Duncan, an American artist who has been long involved in the investigation on sound’s capacity to manipulate the oneiric activity. His work Narcomantic (conceived in collaboration with Swiss artist Ursula Scherrer, who will be  participating with a video installation) is a sleep-concert, a concert of the duration of an entire night, where participants are invited to join equipped with their sleeping-bags and blankets. The sleep-concert represents the first audiovisual modulation to come out of John Duncan’s research in this specific field.

Simultaneously to the Bologna event, NERO will open their headquarters in Rome to the public, in order to reconstruct, at least partially, the sound environment thought by John Duncan for Raum: through live audio broadcasting, the stream of frequencies constituting Narcomantic will be replicated in a derived experience that will attempt to communicate with the original one on a perceptive and sensorial level.

At dawn, at the end of Narcomantic, after having spent the night with us, a number of musicians will pay an homage to John Duncan, taking shifts all through the morning and extending the echo of this intimate ritual up until early afternoon.

This second part of the show will be featuring Simone Bertuzzi (Invernomuto, Palm Wine), Simone Donadini (Rainbow Island), Francesco de Figueiredo (Heroin in Tahiti, Opium Child), Stefano Di Trapani (Maximillian I, Trapcoustic) and Matteo Nasini and will be broadcasted live on the NERO blog.

So now get ready to unroll your sleeping bag and be the dreamers of this dream.


Saturday, Dec 1
Narcomantic replayed H 11am – 6pm; Narcomantic echoed H 6 – 13pm

NERO Headquarters
Lungotevere degli Artigiani, 8b
00153 Roma