Dove Allouche

Dove Allouche, Sans titre, 2012, copper plate silver and lavender essence


During his residency at the Accademia di Francia – Villa Medici in Rome (2011-12), Dove Allouche developed a series of works that have been completed or relaborated on his return to Paris. Some of these, together with others that precede or follow them chronologically, will be presented in Rome in the frame of his first solo show in Italy. The exhibition brings together four large works on paper: the dyptic Nos lignessous les obus toxiques (2011-12) and the two parts of Chausse-trape  (2011-12) – both of them being presented for the first time – as well as nine photographs, eight from the series Zenith (2011), and one from his latest cycle on the Vesuvio. Intended as a passage through memory, the exhibition ideally maps the artist’s sojourn in Rome while offering an insight on his latest research. The show coincides with Dove Allouche’s participation to the opening exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo and anticipates his solo at Centre Pompidou.
Dove Allouche’s oeuvre reflects on the idea of time and the way in which it is manifested by natural, social, intellectual events. The biological cycle, science, physics are among the priviledged subjects through which he looks at urban space, history, politics, literature, cinema, theatre and dance. Dove Allouche developed a specific vocabulary encompassing different medias, such as photography, drawing and etching, articulated in a mutual relationship and translated into an essencially figurative language. Using the tonal scale of black and white, the subject is never represented in narrative or documentary form, but is the pretext to examine the effects that atmospheric events and the action of manhhod produce over time, changing its stucture and its visual and personal perception.

October 6 – January 10, 2013
Nomas Foundation – Viale Somalia, 33 , Rome

Dove Allouche, Nos lignes sous les obus toxiques_droite, 2012,
graphite and ink on paper