Sleep on it

31 December 2012

Zzz. Narcomantic echoed
as documented by Michele Manfellotto

On the night of November 30th, the NERO headquarters hosted Zzz. Narcomantic replayed, an event that repeated through an audio broadcast the sleep concert simultaneously performed by John Duncan at Raum in Bologna as part of the sound project Hypnomachia.

With invaluable help from the Xing heads of technology we managed to stream the whole thing live at our studio: people came over with their blankets, pillows and sleeping bags and spent the night diving into Duncan’s soundscapes while a storm was actually raging right outside the door. Unfortunately we missed the visual part (a massive multi-screen installation from Swiss artist Ursula Scherrer was also staged at Raum) but the sole sound experience was just stunning.

After dozing and tripping all night, at dawn some of our dearest friends, such as Matteo Nasini, Simone Bertuzzi (Invernomuto, Palm Wine), Simone Donadini (Rainbow Island), Stefano Di Trapani (Maximillian I, Trapcoustic) and Francesco de Figueiredo (Heroin In Tahiti, Opium Child) paid a personal tribute to John Duncan and played a music set that echoed their individual perception of Duncan’s Narcomantic. Many people kept on sleeping as supposed, completely unaware that our web editor, visual artist Michele Manfellotto was there with his camera to stalk their rapid eye privacy.

The NERO team thanks all the beautiful dreamers portrayed in the video and wishes a dreamy new year to anyone in the world dreaming the same dreams we dream.